Monday, August 4, 2014

Nike how to upgrade from Jordan shoes, sports brand symbol

       In 2010, Jordan sports as the FIBA FIBA (global) licensed products official partners, which will continue to strengthen the Jordan brand basketball assets. In 2011, for the first time Jordan sports sponsored international running events, become the Lanzhou International Marathon and Zhuhai international marathon match the world's top official partners, to speed up the layout of running products market. The same year, Jordan sports became a senior partner and equipment partners of the people Republic of China the twelfth Olympic Winter games.
      In 2011 June, Jordan sports officially announced, successfully signed with NBA star and captain of the rocket team spokesman chuck Hayes, officially became the first official image Jordan sports under the flag. In shaping the brand image at the same time, Jordan insist on social welfare support and input, won praise from all walks of life, establish a good public image: in 2006, Jordan sports signed an agreement with the Chinese Fashion Association, CO organized "for five consecutive years Jordan Cup" China sports equipment design contest, to cultivate more talents to promote the domestic sports equipment design level; in 2011 Jordan launched the new five year competition plan, continue to promote and development characteristics of China national sports in the sports equipment design.
      In 2008 May, Jordan sports donated more than 500 yuan, Sichuan earthquake aid to fight against the disaster, give the most sincere love for the people in the disaster areas; in July the same year, Jordan sports spend 10000000 yuan and Chinese Youth Development Foundation jointly set up the "project hope, Jordan happy sports fund", by more than 100 hope primary school provides sports equipment the construction, "Happy Sports garden"; in 2011 Jordan sports again invested 10000000 yuan, the development of sustained attention to youth about students with body and soul, let every child can enjoy a happy movement.
    The world, a total of native Qi into.With the Chinese economic take-off, Jordan sports facing more drastic challenges, but also usher in a new development opportunity. Today, Jordan sport is the accumulation of multi talentes,optimize a variety of resources, towards the "strategic goal to become China most influential sports brand". The vigorous development of the sports industry Chinese is fertile soil Jordan sports development, sports and Jordan growth will also promote the progress of China sports industry. Future Jordan sports, will continue to "taken from society, with the society" concept, and constantly open up, forge ahead, to create a competitive one hundred years of national brands, torrent Yong Jin, sailing in the era of innovation tide, and partners to join hands in the cast China sports industry brilliant.

Jordan brand introduction

 Jordan basketball sports Limited by Share Ltd, ten brands, ten brand of basketball shoes, the state protection of trademark, China leading sports brand enterprises, enterprises in Fujian province famous brand, a large retail mall key national best-selling products, large-scale events have the international influence of the sponsors
From 2000 to 2011, was born in Fujian Jordan sports through make efforts, steady growth over the past ten years. With the Chinese sports career spanning, today's Jordan sports has rapidly become the leading brand China sports apparel industry. Jordan sports will be dedicated to the spirit of sports meet in every step to walk, every wave, provide professional sports apparel products and a series of sports products for consumers, help enthusiasts pursue excellence, create a more beautiful and healthy lifestyle. Now,Jordan sports has rapidly become the leading brand China sporting goods industry, market sales increased year after year.
In the development of design, professional design team Jordan sports more than 200 people rooted in scientific research, professional design and R & D ability as the foundation, followed the trend of dynamic fashion, establish coordinate, to create the Shang Fengfan have a style of one's own remarkable, for every person who loves sports. Jordan sports from different exercise needs of professional point of view, "to China consumers tailor-made" as the goal, to bring consumers a comfortable wearing experience. Products adhere to the first-class materials and process, and invited the General Administration of Sports Science Institute of state jointly produced, the strict requirements of each product quality excellent, fine workmanship, elegant finish, so favored by the vast number of consumers and praise.
Over the years, Jordan sports had been named the "A Well-Known Trademark in China". With the promotion of excellent product quality, unique, Jordan consecutive years won the "national key large retail shopping malls selling products" title. In 2010, "Jordan" trademark was identified as Fujian province famous brand enterprise. In the marketing network construction, Jordan sports excellence in network layout, achieve a reasonable distribution of brand marketing system. In 2004, Jordan sports strong start terminal outlets "jade carving works", to integrate the image of terminal and outdoor resources, to achieve the strategic goal to upgrade the brand terminal upgrade. At present, Jordan has established a certain scale of domestic marketing network, and through the large efficient dealer groups, more than 5500 home network terminal management under the flag. In the aspect of the brand integrated marketing communication, Jordan sports with unique accumulate steadily, completed a brand leap. Jordan sports through a variety of ways to strengthen the joint and the sports, strengthen the brand image of professional sports.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The basketball lovers love the most efficient protective performance of Qiao Danxie

As Nike headed shoes, Nike latest technology and creativity are generally the first armed in the Air Jordan is a shoe, so Jordan is always a concern, Nike Jordan since 1985 the first generation appears, has 23 generations, is a long history and long lasting, Jordan as a series of Nike, style classification has a complete system, Jordan can be independent as a brand. Jordan is so famous, with the same name basketball Mike Jordan visibility is not divided, of course rely on Mike Jordan visibility is unable to survive to the present, it also depends on the quality of its top and welcome.
cheap jordans free shipping Now Jordan basketball shoes have become a basketball lover's love, it is how to attract a large number of fans? Before Air Jordan came out, most of the basketball shoes are white, all the shoes manufacturers in the production can meet the human demand of sport shoes as their responsibility, they do not realize that the remaining properties shoes also features. With the development of production technology of shoes, shoe style color shop sells continuously enriched, shoe lovers and collectors began to appear, Sneaker culture began to appear, and the Sneaker culture to the peak is Jordan shoes.
From the beginning of 1985 AJ1, there is a Jordan sports shoes come out every year. Jordan seems to have a mysterious charm, let the chasing person with an air almost of idiocy, try to stop but cannot. Looks like the following simple appearance, each pair of Jordan basketball shoes have abundant meaning. From the beginning of the fifth generation, basically every generation of Jordan shoes have a more specific design inspiration. For example Jordan five generation inspired by the two World War military fighter jet head shark tooth pattern, the 6 generation of the heelpiece like Porsche wing, the 7 generation is Africa art, the 8 generation is the baroque style etc. In Jordan website, we can see the latest Jordan new, also can know the meaning of these Jordan basketball shoes and the most advanced technology, which make the basketball lovers can act recklessly and care for nobody to play basketball, protection performance Jordan give you the most efficient.

cheap Jordan shoes 1 to 23 picture presentation

    Jordan shoes 1 to 23 of the picture is a reference you buy shoes. Nike Jordan series shoes can from the first generation has come to the twenty-third generation, which also shows that people like to Nike Jordan. The earliest in 1 athletes Jordan maybe play had not on the basketball court, and now have 23 athletes wearing Jordan maybe appeared after 90 even after 00 players. Jordan shoes 1 to 23 pictures which have these records.
    Nike Jordan did help a lot in the basketball career. Even professional players wear Nike Jordan basketball shoes. Nike Jordan also specially sponsored international basketball tournament. Through the sponsorship, Nike Jordan's influence is more and more high. Jordan shoes 1 to 23 of the picture and not just on the overall color, Nike Jordan styles introduction. In the basketball tournament, in Nike Jordan shoes people do very much.
    Consumers now buy Jordan shoes must be 20, 21, 22, 23, closer to some Nike Jordan shoes. Someone special collection Nike Jordan shoes are also specially produced Jordan shoes 1 to 23. Have some hobbies Nike Jordan shoes people say, see people of all sorts of Nike Jordan shoes really admire. In fact, if still in a pair of Jordan 1 photographs, is a very amazing thing.
    Jordan shoes 1 to 23 of the picture can be seen in stores, especially in the shop. However, Jordan series shoes sales on the site is not full, not by the earliest Jordan shoes has not enter the market. However, if you want to know Jordan shoes 1 to 23 pictures on the Internet, in fact, there are still the pictures.