Monday, August 4, 2014

Nike how to upgrade from Jordan shoes, sports brand symbol

       In 2010, Jordan sports as the FIBA FIBA (global) licensed products official partners, which will continue to strengthen the Jordan brand basketball assets. In 2011, for the first time Jordan sports sponsored international running events, become the Lanzhou International Marathon and Zhuhai international marathon match the world's top official partners, to speed up the layout of running products market. The same year, Jordan sports became a senior partner and equipment partners of the people Republic of China the twelfth Olympic Winter games.
      In 2011 June, Jordan sports officially announced, successfully signed with NBA star and captain of the rocket team spokesman chuck Hayes, officially became the first official image Jordan sports under the flag. In shaping the brand image at the same time, Jordan insist on social welfare support and input, won praise from all walks of life, establish a good public image: in 2006, Jordan sports signed an agreement with the Chinese Fashion Association, CO organized "for five consecutive years Jordan Cup" China sports equipment design contest, to cultivate more talents to promote the domestic sports equipment design level; in 2011 Jordan launched the new five year competition plan, continue to promote and development characteristics of China national sports in the sports equipment design.
      In 2008 May, Jordan sports donated more than 500 yuan, Sichuan earthquake aid to fight against the disaster, give the most sincere love for the people in the disaster areas; in July the same year, Jordan sports spend 10000000 yuan and Chinese Youth Development Foundation jointly set up the "project hope, Jordan happy sports fund", by more than 100 hope primary school provides sports equipment the construction, "Happy Sports garden"; in 2011 Jordan sports again invested 10000000 yuan, the development of sustained attention to youth about students with body and soul, let every child can enjoy a happy movement.
    The world, a total of native Qi into.With the Chinese economic take-off, Jordan sports facing more drastic challenges, but also usher in a new development opportunity. Today, Jordan sport is the accumulation of multi talentes,optimize a variety of resources, towards the "strategic goal to become China most influential sports brand". The vigorous development of the sports industry Chinese is fertile soil Jordan sports development, sports and Jordan growth will also promote the progress of China sports industry. Future Jordan sports, will continue to "taken from society, with the society" concept, and constantly open up, forge ahead, to create a competitive one hundred years of national brands, torrent Yong Jin, sailing in the era of innovation tide, and partners to join hands in the cast China sports industry brilliant.

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