Monday, August 4, 2014

Jordan brand introduction

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From 2000 to 2011, was born in Fujian Jordan sports through make efforts, steady growth over the past ten years. With the Chinese sports career spanning, today's Jordan sports has rapidly become the leading brand China sports apparel industry. Jordan sports will be dedicated to the spirit of sports meet in every step to walk, every wave, provide professional sports apparel products and a series of sports products for consumers, help enthusiasts pursue excellence, create a more beautiful and healthy lifestyle. Now,Jordan sports has rapidly become the leading brand China sporting goods industry, market sales increased year after year.
In the development of design, professional design team Jordan sports more than 200 people rooted in scientific research, professional design and R & D ability as the foundation, followed the trend of dynamic fashion, establish coordinate, to create the Shang Fengfan have a style of one's own remarkable, for every person who loves sports. Jordan sports from different exercise needs of professional point of view, "to China consumers tailor-made" as the goal, to bring consumers a comfortable wearing experience. Products adhere to the first-class materials and process, and invited the General Administration of Sports Science Institute of state jointly produced, the strict requirements of each product quality excellent, fine workmanship, elegant finish, so favored by the vast number of consumers and praise.
Over the years, Jordan sports had been named the "A Well-Known Trademark in China". With the promotion of excellent product quality, unique, Jordan consecutive years won the "national key large retail shopping malls selling products" title. In 2010, "Jordan" trademark was identified as Fujian province famous brand enterprise. In the marketing network construction, Jordan sports excellence in network layout, achieve a reasonable distribution of brand marketing system. In 2004, Jordan sports strong start terminal outlets "jade carving works", to integrate the image of terminal and outdoor resources, to achieve the strategic goal to upgrade the brand terminal upgrade. At present, Jordan has established a certain scale of domestic marketing network, and through the large efficient dealer groups, more than 5500 home network terminal management under the flag. In the aspect of the brand integrated marketing communication, Jordan sports with unique accumulate steadily, completed a brand leap. Jordan sports through a variety of ways to strengthen the joint and the sports, strengthen the brand image of professional sports.

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